Speak Languages the Modern (and Fun) Way

Welcome to the Spring Languages Academy!

Real-Life Conversations

Our courses are built around conversations that you will encounter in your life yourself. No abstract dialogues you'll never need in your life; you'll learn the Spanish as it's really spoken by native speakers!

Innovative Methodology (no word lists and grammar drills!)

We build our programs around a tried-and-tested methodology called Conversation Based Chunking™. This method is all about absorbing a language and its patterns naturally through tons of input (yes, the conversations we talked about before). Way more fun than cramming word lists and grammar drills... and way more effective!

Fast-Paced Guided 12-Week Challenges

Each level in our programs takes 12 weeks to complete. Short enough to stay motivated, but long enough to see real progress and finally be able to converse in a foreign language!

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